When we think of homework, our first instinct is to groan. Not only do we spend hours at school doing repetitive math problems that look the same, but now we must do them in our free time as well. We begin to question whether homework even helps us at all, and some are inclined to say no. We just solved problems at school, so what is the point of doing them again?

This is a common misconception among students today. Many believe that homework is a mundane task with little value in the real world. However, this is simply not true; homework aids the long-term memorization process and teaches us how to apply new concepts. In the time we are not in class, our brain focuses on and learns a multitude of things. Through homework, we are able to retain new material and add it to our long-term memory. The repetition not only assists recall, but also teaches students how to apply new concepts to different problems.

Math can be seen as a tool that is only valuable when it can be applied. Therefore, the application of concepts must be taught and refined through practice problems in homework sets.

Because Path 2 Math meets once a week, we have decided to add weekly homework sets to help retention and teach application. We will also update the curriculum bar soon by adding additional resources. The homework should be done before the next class. This allows our tutors to speed up the pace by spending less time on review and more on teaching new material.



In our first class, we worked on Percent Problem Solving and Proportions with our Pre-Algebra students.

Algebra 1

Additionally, we worked on the Properties of Exponents with our Algebra students.

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