Summer Path 2 Math reached its conclusion today! Throughout the semester our students put in an impressive amount of work, both in and out of the classroom, and deserve recognition for the time that they spent. However, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge everyone else who worked with us make this vision a reality. Without you, the tutors who worked tirelessly with our students, the parents who took the time to bring their children to class, the principals who gave us a room and helped us get in touch with parents, the CASA volunteers who put us in touch with foster families, and the countless others, this whole program would never have been realized. Thank you.


Top: David Ozinga, Vrishab Commuri, Preston Jenkins, Kevin Jeon
Bottom: Reece Gao, Alex Stamatin, Wesley Sun

After this year I will no longer be heading up Path 2 Math, but the program will live on through capable upperclassmen for years to come. Next year, The Path 2 Math's director position will be handed over to Howard Zhong, a rising Junior at Norman North High School. Under his direction, we hope the program will reach new heights and many new students. This is far from the end for Path 2 Math, and we look forward to many summers spent helping aspiring students in our community.

This was a great year for all of us; students advanced greatly in their prospective classes' coursework, and our tutors gained valuable teaching experience. And in the coming years, we look for Summer Path 2 Math to spread its influence farther and help more students than we ever dreamed possible.

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