Our Pre-Algebra folder has homework assigned weekly for students.

Algebra 1

Our Algebra 1 folder has homework assigned weekly for students.

Additional Resources

There are many highly instructional websites online that foster math learning.

  • Khan Academy

    This websites makes videos that contain exceptionally detailed explanations of concepts from Pre-Algebra all the way to Calculus.

  • Kuta Software

    This website compiles worksheets that match the curriculum. Many of our homework assignments comes from this website.

  • Art of Problem Solving

    This website is aimed mainly for contest math. While the concepts are the same, many of the resources teach "tricks" to solving less straightforward problems. If one can confidently solve the problems on Alcumus, the one will be able to breeze through math taught at school. Therefore, we suggest the students to use this website if their goal in math is not simply to pass the proficiency test, but to build a solid foundation and succeed in math contests. Also, check out the videos.